Three favorite summer drinks from Positano

Just a few pictures of refreshing summer drinks from the Amalfi Coast. I start with latte alle mandorle – almond milk. These drinks I really love are all home-made, but there are pastry stores and alimentari (groceries) that sell them in bottles, like this one by Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia from Naples.


On the Amalfi Coast, you find local pastry stores and small chains at most, with just a few outlets.

A favorite example of these is La Zagara in Positano. There’s another one I love just nearby, Collina Bakery. Both pastry stores are located in an ideal place, along the narrow stone path that leads down to the beach in Positano, covered with wisteria and bougainville, called Via Mulini.

Positano July 2013_Parte 2 1034

Another refreshing bibita (drink) for me is spremuta d’arancia – freshly pressed orange juice. From the tree !!! For you get oranges, tangerines and lemons, you name it, straight from the tree even in the midst of summer. I love to drink it sun-warm. NEVER cold …

Positano July 2013_Parte 2 950
Tangerines from the garden

Then I love acqua profumata di frutta – flavored fruit water. That’s simply still water, or tap water, in which you leave a few slices of peach, nectarine or grapes to infuse for half an hour. Add a few leaves of lemon balm or mint and enjoy during the day !! You’ll keep remarkably cool.

Positano July 2013_Parte 2 1068
August harvest bliss in Positano

So you see, these simple and completely natural drinks work best in fighting off the heat and remain cool during the day !!

Positano July 2013_Parte 2 1081
My favorite home-made almond milk (recipe will be shared in our book).

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