Three favorite summer drinks from Positano

Just a few pictures of refreshing summer drinks from the Amalfi Coast. I start with latte alle mandorle – almond milk. These drinks I really love are all home-made, but there are pastry stores and alimentari (groceries) that sell them in bottles, like this one by Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia from Naples. Read More

How to start a day on the Beach in Positano

Yes, it’s as colorful an environment here as you can see in this picture. Positano has several beautiful beaches nestling into little coves. Besides Spiaggia Grande, the Main Beach, probably the first you’ll feast your eyes on, there are others tucked into the little bays to the right and the left.  Read More

It’s early spring in Positano

Hello – we are new!!! We start with taking you on a trip on the road, from Sorrento to Positano …

In our minds (!), spring starts on the First Day of Lent, which means La Quaresima. That’s an important time here on the Amalfi Coast. Read More