How to start a day on the Beach in Positano

Yes, it’s as colorful an environment here as you can see in this picture. Positano has several beautiful beaches nestling into little coves. Besides Spiaggia Grande, the Main Beach, probably the first you’ll feast your eyes on, there are others tucked into the little bays to the right and the left. 

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 137

Today, we’ll take a look at the beach to your right. You can reach it by foot via Via Positanesi d’America, or you simply take a little boat that’s taking you there from the little harbor in Positano. Look out for the boat “with the little white fish”

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 139

jump aboard and let the boat take you along the rocks to the right, drawing slightly nearer to Li Galli islands and Capri. For along these rocks, tiny coves harbor beaches that can be reached by boat only … but there’s also a bigger, public beach – La Spiaggia del Fornillo.

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 144

Fornillo is the name of a rione in Positano (district). It’s probably the Bohemian part of Positano, if you love that style in color mood and building… this district overlooks the stretch of Beach called Spiaggia del Fornillo. You might say that Fornillo derives from forno meaning oven, and there’s a legend of bakers on the Amalfi Coast baking the bread for emperor Tiberius during Roman times … though this rione’s name might derive from a weed used to make grain.

La Spiaggia del Fornillo offers a lot to discover for visitors, obvious and less obvious sights. For example, there are what I call “edible beach gardens” which I’ll describe in my online Garden Scrapbook, Mediterranean Atelier. But first, let’s take a look at Breakfast time on the Fornillo Beach

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 218

There are a few stabilimenti balneari con bar – ristorante which are also open to breakfast. Like the one operated by Fratelli Grassi, the family offering the white boat bringing in people from Positano… But there’s also Hotel Pupetto’s Ristorante and Bar da Ferdinando …

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 179

When you arrive here in the morning, the water is too good not to take a swim. So breakfast consists of cappuccino and latte di mandorla (almond milk, with a few ice-cubes) …

Positano July 2013_Parte 3 227

In the next episode, we’ll explore what lunch is like down here at the beach 🙂

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