Carthusia, how to capture the summer essence of Capri

Carthusia is Capri’s most well-known cosmetics and perfume line. Products are made exclusively from blossoms and herbs growing on Capri. On the slopes of Monte Solaro, for example, and an endemic variety of carnation is used as basic ingredient for their perfumes.

Carthusia’s products originated in this monastery which you can see from its entrance – la Certosa di San Giacomo. There’s a nice legend connected to it, which is told on the sign on the wall next to the entrance (you can see it in the title picture).

Positano July 2013_Parte 2 681

Iris Loredana

Iris Loredana: Culinary historian, food and lifestyle blogger. Author of the Blog La Venessiana - The Fragrant World of Venice and Cucina Speziata - Venice Spice Atelier. I am Venetian and currently based in Venice and Vienna. I love traveling, cooking and gardening and exploring ancient Mediterranean recipes.

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