Deep South Fashion

Light pastel colors, shades of turquoise and white lace are the characteristics of southern Italian fashion. Get a first impression of Capri fashion style here: On the one hand, you will find all shades of blue and vivid colors, on the other, lacey froth-like robes are also favorites on the island. Here’s a post to prepare you what you will see in Capri and how to take a bit of Capri home.

The thousand color shades of the sea. Flamboyant blue patterns. Gems. More patterns, reflecting Capri flowers and the white-washed houses against the pale blue summer sky. Lace and light cotton – strictly white, natural beige or dyed in the colors of this island – pink, yellow, rose and ruby-red like oleanders …

Sorrento estate 2012 parte 2 019

The same color range is then applied to make-up. Three make-up collections were dedicated to Capri, the first was by Collistarthe second was produced by Estee Lauder, both in 2012. These days, there’s Capri Makeup whose website you can reach here.

In early summer, fashion and make-Up take up the pale blue sky and yellow sun rays …

We’ll be back with a post on a famous shopping mall in Capri, Via Camerelle.

Sorrento estate 2012 parte 2 266
Not a rainy day in July – but simply one of these hazy and very hot days that you encounter often on the Coast.

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