Easter Sunday in Sorrento

It’s still early in the year. Mornings may be cold, but the colors this Easter will make up for it. Even in case of rainy spells, which you must reckon with. Rain is badly needed now in spring, for the plants to soak up the water to survive the long and hot summer. What you can see here in the cover picture is the view from Hotel Ambasciatori’s Breakfast Room towards Naples and the Vesuvius.


This is Pastiera – the Southern Italian Easter Cake. It comes in all sizes – also this small for breakfast 🙂


The second Easter cake in Sorrento – so worth tasting !!! – is called Casatiello:


Outside, on Corso Italia, Sorrento’s central avenue, you can’t help noticing the most wonderful Easter treats.

So for today, follow me in the photo gallery below for a view of delightful Easter presents and flowering tropical gardens in Sorrento !!

BUONA PASQUA – Happy Easter to you all !!

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