Orange harvest in Anacapri

From late December, that’s the view when you go for a walk along the narrow cobbled streets of Anacapri. This little white corner, adorned with oranges, is an exclusive winter-spring sight. You can harvest these oranges from Christmas until Easter…

Here we are next in Via Timpone, a narrow winding side street leading onto Piazza San Nicola where the church of San Michele is located. It has a maiolica-tiled floor depicting the animals and plants of Paradise. You can read more about this work of art in my new e-zine available in March.


Take in the deep blue sky, flamboyant oranges,and the white-washed houses. It’s no co-incidence that Anacapri looks a bit like Greece … we are in the heart of the early times of Magna Grecia, after all.

It’s this unique environment delivering inspirations for designers, no matter whether they make clothes, ceramic tableware or home furniture. To understand the Deep South Fashion Style, you first need to get a feel for its landscapes.

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