Blue breakfast in Positano

… or rather, having Positano to yourself, in February, while the sun is enticing us into dreaming of spring !! 

While in February many cafes and restaurants in Positano are still closed, it’s a good time to focus on the beautiful – empty beaches – of Positano. I took these pictures from a little corner, above the sea, on Via C. Colombo. This street leads down, via Piazza Mulino, to Positano’s main beach, Spiaggia Grande.

Sorrento Aprile 2012 085
View from Via Cristoforo Colombo down on Spiaggia Grande. In this first, “wild” part, you can see olive trees and fichi d’India cacti, eaten for breakfast in summer 🙂 or used to make a delicious jam.

Down at Piazza Mulino, Collina Bakery is offering tea and delicious breakfast pastries. They are open in March, but I can’t wait to mention them 🙂 They also have a little garden opposite this “very beaten” and crowded cross-roads, where you can enjoy your morning break under wisteria twigs, before continuing further down, to Spiaggia Grande.

As you can see, it’s a “black” beach a forma di mezzaluna (crescent shaped) made from volcanic pebbles (reminiscent of Vesuvius eruptions in 79 AD). If you’re lucky, you’ll find the odd piece of sea glass here !! At least, in winter …

Sorrento Aprile 2012 077
Another view from Via C. Colombo, with the one pine tree (pino silvestris) and the shimmer of blue sea

If you love collecting sea glass, I suggest you do that over at the second largest beach of Positano, Spiaggia di Fornillo. I’ll tell you more about this beach in my next post.

Staying with the breakfast topic, which I really really love !!!, I’m preparing a free e-book for you. Discover five favorite places where to enjoy breakfast in Positano. What we eat for breakfast here – ingredients, tea, coffee, chocolate, other local favorites – so many pastries and delicious, freshly pressed juice from the orange tree in the backyard !!

Please click on the picture below to register for your free e-book “Blue Breakfast in Positano”. I will then send it directly to you as soon as it is ready, on 1 March !!

Colazione in costiera

Below you can see a favorite place of mine, down at Piazza Mulino, called Collina Bakery. Wonderful freshly pressed succo d’arancia, and brioche sweets plus lemon pastries and cakes !! The second drink you can see on the table is a favorite one of mine – almond milk – latte di mandorla !!

2 thoughts on “Blue breakfast in Positano

  1. Made in Rome

    These pictures make me want to dive into the sea. Pastries look amazing too. I haven’t been to the Campanian coast since 2008 and need to get back!

    By the way, I really like the layout of the full-width theme here. I also use the Paulie theme and have been considering deleting the sidebar. Gotta convince my wife (whom I blog with). Going to use this post to try to sway her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. furbiziahs

      The color of this sea is fascinating, and I thought the Paulie theme so reflects the colors of the Amalfi Coast. Blue’s my favorite color!! By now I’ve got used to working without sidebar. I don’t use the sidebar on my other blog La Venessiana, I think it looks nice and readers can fully concentrate on the text. Your blog is very beautiful, but then you could always experiment ☺☺

      Liked by 1 person

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