Costiera Webcams

Would you like to take an instant look at the Amalfi Coast? This is my collection of webcams that work all year-long. They are live webcams which means you can see the ruffled sea and little waves it makes, you can see how the plants swing with the wind and feel rain drops and sun rays on your face…

Click on the pictures for your live view – pick-me-up – current weather and weather forecast :

skywebcam 2This is Amalfi with a view towards Atrani and Minori in the background. In the far background, you can see a glimpse of the Salerno coast.



skywebcam 3Positano‘s Spiaggia Grande (Main beach), the church of Santa Maria Assunta (Chiesa Madre) and a view of Li Galli islands. In the far distance, you might make out Capri on a clear day.



skywebcam 1Another view of Positano, hidden in the right corner, taken from Praiano. The coastline along which the Nastro Azzuro Road runs. This webcam is positioned above the Church of San Gennaro in the center of Praiano.



skywebcam 4Ravello, perched above Atrani, with a view of the South-East towards Maiori and Minori. It’s in this area where the majority of lemon gardens of the coast are located. Look out for the dark green patches in spring.