Arriving in Capri …

It’s as blue as it looks when you approach Capri … The harbor where the ferries and hydrofoils arrive is called Marina Grande. Here the car ferries – Caremar unload everything Capri needs from the Italian mainland, from foods, plants…to cars. And a lot of guests and locals arrive here as well…

Sorrento Aprile 2011 120

At Marina Grande you can either decide to take a leisurely walk into the right direction, climbing up towards Capri Town, or walk towards the ticket offices of the Funicolare (funicular train) also to the right. Or, continue walking down the promenade left of the pier. Down here, surrounding the port, is a beautiful cluster of colorful little houses once inhabited by fishermen. I love drinking a coffee while I wait for the crowds get off the boat, their cars getting unloaded from the boat and everyone taking a taxi or catching a bus.

To the right, you will also find ticket offices for the shipping companies, the island’s buses and the funicular train going straight up to Capri’s Piazzetta.


So before you go about exploring the island, I recommend that you breathe in the sea breeze deeply, and slowly walk down the pier on the left, then turn and watch as the loads of tourists and cars disappear all of a sudden. You can now take in the bustling harbor scene at your own pace.


You will also find that close to the port, Marina Grande’s beach is the largest of the island. From here, the shuttle boat to Palazzo a Mare (Tiberius’ seaside villa) is leaving.


To the left of the pier, a series of restaurants, bars, vegetable, herbs and spice shops and a pharmacy are located. Turing right from the pier, after a few hundred meters you will reach the Marina Grande station of the funicular train, taking you up in five minutes to a beautiful belvedere, from which you can walk immediately towards Capri’s Piazzetta. Read about that later on …


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